It’s Rocket Science man!

June 9th, 2010

It is rocket science!! We are pleased to announce that the engineers at Tunescoop have developed a new method to assure stability to our servers. Our service has been growing at an exponential rate and it was hard in the beginning to come up with a new infrastructure to stabilize our servers. To this date we have bought a chain of monster servers. In fact, we have so many that we could have opened a web hosting company! We have been working full time on this project and have been here for you guys to assure full stability.

Our new method of stability is a load-balancing script that we have custom coded for a music sharing platform.  We call it the WLB project (No, it does not stand for “World’s Largest baby”). Our “Weight load-balancing” project has been designed so that an equal amount of load (Preview, Upload or Download) goes to different servers; it’s simpler to weight the request as they’re distributed around.

Through distributing our requests by using higher weights on servers that are less loaded by nature (vice versa for more loaded), we can fairly distribute these requests over. At the end of the day, it means that we are able to make better use of our resources and therefore increase the overall capacity to our service.

Ultimately, we want our service to expand. We have come up with a lot of new ideas for TuneScoop during the summer; these new features will surface mid-july. We will leave it as a surprise for now, but multi-platform (mobile?) integration might be on it’s way! (Hooray!)

Regards, Scott Ridenour

-Marketing Director

Downtime and optimizing the server

April 20th, 2010

We were experiencing some unexpected downtime on at around 4pm EDT this afternoon. This has not been planned downtime, and so it’s indeed very unfortunate. The error happened as we were tweaking the server for better performance. It has been resolved as of 4:07pm today. No data has been lost.

Over the past weeks our development team has been working hard on making tunescoop faster. A big part of that project has been tweaking the server for maximum performance. The team has done a very good job on optimizing the site, but the big speed bottleneck has proven to be in the site setup.

The issue has been resolved and Tunescoop has been working on optimizing the server for maximum performance. We should see performance improvements within a week.


The TuneScoop Team

Hello, my name is TuneScoop :-)

April 15th, 2010


The best way to explain what Tunescoop actually is and what it is made for, is to start from what has motivated us to go in its development. In the last few years, a large number of different services appeared on the web. We all use some of them, such as Zippyshare, Mediafire, Rapidshare and etc. Some of them we use because we do not know that there are better substitutes, some we would use but we do not know that they even exist. The problem with discovering new web services is that there is no service where we could find them and choose one that suits our needs.


The second problem is that large number of these sites requires some kind of authentication. That means that we need to register to those sites providing information like user name or email and password. We have a lot of contacts in the music industry and we had friends that wanted to share there songs among each other. It is a common problem with all the producers. We decided to make a free-to-use service for our friends so they can share there songs to each other at lightening fast speeds. We even thought about the bedroom DJ who makes mix tapes in his garage. We are pleased to announce the creation of Tunescoop presents you the ease of uploading your songs on the website and sharing it with your friends. You can even embed your song on your website. We offer features such as;

- Advanced Stats reporting

- Fast upload & download speeds

- Rating capabilities

- Embed & customization of the music player

- Search for your songs

- Compatibility with: MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A, OGG OR FLAC Files

- AND much much more!

That’s all from us for now. Thank you for your time devoted to reading this blog and we hope to see you soon on Tunescoop!

Regards, Scott Ridenour

-Marketing Director